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Simple everyday tips to keep the carpets fresh and fluffy

July 8, 2016 / britta

Carpets are placed around the house because they give a fresh and elegant statement to a room. There is a certain luxury when you step into a home and find carpeted floors. Plus, it provides a level of comfort that hardwood floors lack. However, having a carpet installed can be a bit pricey, especially if you want a high quality one. Therefore, most homeowners are particularly meticulous and careful when it comes to maintaining them.

Most people think that cleaning their carpets can be quite the chore, more so when big floor areas are covered with them. But, there are some simple and easy everyday tricks to ensure that the carpet is fluffy and fresh for a long period of time.

#1 Protecting your carpet

One of the most basic and fundamental tricks to keeping a carpet pristine is to prevent as much unnecessary dirt or stains from getting into its fibres. Therefore, to lessen the time that you need to vacuum or scrub out muddy tracks etc… it’s important to place walk-off mats outside and inside your house. This way, the dirt and other residue that cling to shoes can be removed just before getting inside and before walking on the carpeted area. Just make sure that the walk-off mats placed outside are durable and are rough enough to remove mud from the shoes.

#2 Don’t just vacuum, groom your carpet

It’s known to most carpet care experts that vacuuming your carpet regularly helps keep its fluff and beauty, not to mention its comfort and durability. This ensures that no dirt will get into the fibres deep enough to start creating an ugly, matted effect. Vacuuming is important especially if you have pets and children. However, you should set aside time or schedule to brush your carpet so that it does not grow flat. Combing the carpet like you are grooming your own hair helps lift the tufts of the fibres and makes it stand on end instead of looking crushed or beaten. This will also make vacuuming easier and more thorough since it can really go in between tufts to pull out dirt or dust. Also, see if there are sprouts popping up from areas. Use scissors to trim them off.

#3 Give your carpets a day off

You might not have thought about it, but moving and re-arranging your furniture from time to time helps in keeping your carpets fresh and healthy looking. Try to rotate furniture and change traffic patterns to avoid too much pile crushing on just one specific area of your floor carpet. Of course, protect your carpet when moving or placing furniture. Use carpet protectors and be careful not to drag heavy stuff on it.

These are just simple, easy-to-do steps to keep your carpets fresh and fluffy for a long time. Still, to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned, employ the help of professionals and have your carpets steamed and washed at least twice a year (more if you have pets.)

RPC Cleaners are the right professionals to help keep that pristine, comfortable carpet look. Their carpet cleaning crew are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable!
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