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Managing School Cleanliness in London

April 20, 2015 / admin

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Arguably, schools are the most enjoyable and productive places around us.  Many of us have fond memories of our school days, in addition to the learning that we take with us for as long as we live.

But schools are also one of the places where a spread of an epidemic can take place as fast as wild fire. Germs, bacteria and viruses are spread as students exchange pens and papers.  The key to maintaining the school epidemic-free is regular cleaning using the appropriate cleaning agents and technologies expertly applied by well-trained janitorial and maintenance staff.

It takes a proactive school administrator to select a reputable janitorial agency to maintain school cleanliness. Putting school cleanliness in the least of the school’s priorities will put the school reputation in a bad light, and affect the over-all academic performance of the students.

If you were the school administrator or the school maintenance crew manager, there are places in the school that should be given special attention aside from the rest rooms, cafeteria and all the utensils, furniture, fixture and equipment within the cafeteria premises. These are:

  1. The locker rooms

Usually located near the restrooms and the gym, the locker rooms may be enclosed, thus do not have the opportunity to dry up naturally.  A damp place is among the favourite breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

To fix this, routine cleaning and sanitising activities must be regularly implemented, which includes vacuuming and dehumidifying, and intensified when games are ongoing.

As an added protection, students must be required to wear shoes or flip flops at all times inside the locker room.

  1. Swimming pools

The school maintenance crew must regularly check that the correct pH level is maintained in the swimming pool.  This way, formation of bacteria in the swimming pool water is prevented.

  1. Desktops

Students put their hands anywhere and during classes, their hands end up on their desktops which become the meeting place of all germs.

The school cleaning crew must see to it that desktops and chairs included, are sanitised daily especially in the classroom of younger students.   This is in addition to regular sweeping, dusting and vacuuming of the classrooms.

These are just a few of the other equally important areas in school that should be given special attention by knowledgeable and fully-equipped maintenance crew.  A competent janitorial service provider will know both the science and the art of keeping the school premises clean and safe for the students.

School administrators in London and neighboring areas are welcome to consult their concerns with RPC Cleaning. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, RPC Cleaning knows the latest and the appropriate technologies to address specific and even specialised cleaning concerns.  For more information, contact 020 8994 4778.

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