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How to clean a hospital room

April 15, 2016 / britta

People rely on hospitals when they are extremely sick and need immediate care and attention from doctors and nurses. Most patients would probably stay in a hospital room for a day or two, depending on the severity of his or her condition. It is apparent that hospital owners and health organisers ensure that they provide clean hospital rooms for everyone.

Hospitals house lots of different patients daily. There are different diseases and every imaginable infection present in the building at any given time. It is a known fact that one out of every 25 patients gets infected by just being at a hospital especially when people share beds and rooms.

It is imperative that hand-washing and disinfecting practices are given priority. Patients, as well as the hospital staff, are reminded to thoroughly wash their hands to prevent the spread of germs. However, it is important that a hospital room is expertly and meticulously cleaned every day to ensure that no germs or bacteria will get a chance to breed.

Cleaning the obvious

Germs spread on surfaces. This is why, disinfecting hard surfaces as well as floors in examination rooms, operating rooms and every hospital suite is important. Regularly mopping the floor with disinfectant and wiping the windows as well, can help keep the surfaces germ-free. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas such as hallways and stations.

Changing the sheets regularly as well as disinfecting the air in the room is crucial. Airborne bacteria and germs can easily be inhaled by patients, visitors and even hospital staff. The toilet and bathroom also require intense cleansing and scrubbing since most body fluids are flushed and rinsed inside it. Stronger disinfectants are required to make it almost germ-free. Mopping with water is not enough.

Cleaning the not-so-obvious

Areas such as floors, bathrooms and beds are easily spotted and remembered to be checked and cleaned, however, there are a lot of other surfaces and materials that can spread germs fast just by touching. This is why thoroughly wiping the following hospital equipment are important:

*Bed rails
*IV pulls
*Remote controls
*Call buttons
*Light switches
*Room phones
*Table tops and cabinets
*Trash cans and bed pans

Hospitals do provide cleaning checklists for their cleaners but these are some things that the staff tends to forget when they are cleaning a hospital room. The little not-so-obvious surfaces are most likely to be touched or shared and can certainly spread germs.

A hospital is a chaotic place and although people are reminded to keep their hospital rooms clean and keep their hygiene in check, the staff still need the help of professional cleaners to do most of the heavy disinfecting and cleaning. Keeping the health of the patients and preventing any sickness from spreading is a top priority. One could not imagine just how perilous an unclean and unmaintained hospital room is.

RPC Cleaners are professional cleaners that can take on any type of disinfecting job. Big or small. For more tips on how to keep important surroundings clean, call at +44 20 8994 4778!

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