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Business Clients Testimonials

RPC’s commercial arm undertakes all aspects of commercial cleaning and maintenance on a one-off or continuing service basis. Our clients comments:

Hi Both, Just been down to the marketing suite, the rugs look great so thank you so much! Will keep you in mind if we need anything else. Do you have a brochure or anything I can keep on record? Thanks again. Ailish Lucas, Executive Assistant, NEAT Developments Ltd

“Dear Ray, I went to the flat yesterday and you have done a terrific job. Particularly on the carpets. Many thanks. Regards ” Tim Hextall, Humphrey Hasslam Property Services, London (End of Tenancy deep clean followed by carpet cleaning)

“Thanks for the fantastic job your technician did last night…all furniture looks great and all of us were impressed this morning. I hope to get permission to do more” Lucyna, Head Housekeeper from Kingsway Hall Hotel

“RPC cleaned an old Turkish rug I had inherited and it looked like new after they had worked their magic. On another occasion, I had a ceiling collapse in my office due to flooding from upstairs.I thought the soaked and plaster covered carpet was going to have to be scrapped but Ray and his extra special machines and dry cleaning formula managed to bring it back to life. Anything you think can’t be cleaned, probably can. Just ask Ray at RPC”  Joanna Russell, Wickers Gift Baskets

“We have worked with RPC Cleaning for over 18 years. As this would suggest, we have been thoroughly happy with the service they have provided throughout that time. RPC provide a reliable, professional regular cleaning service for us and they have also worked with us to advise how they can help us with less regular requirements, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning. Being a small theatre with tightly controlled budgets, we have appreciated that they take care to provide real value for money.” Gillian Thorpe, Orange Tree Theatre

“The two gentlemen who carried out the clean worked very hard and did a good job. I look forward to receiving your invoice in due course and will recommend your company to others.” C. Hemmett, Arabella Lennox-Boyd Landscape and Architectural Design

“Good standard of work and quick.” Ruth Dixon, One Ton Public House

“The carpets look beautiful, thank you very much.” Julia Plaistowe, Royal Thai Embassy

“Excellent job. Staff were professional. Supervisor was great.” View Strategic

“Great work, thanks.” Southern Eastern Asset Management

“Thanks for your e mail checking that we are satisfied with the carpet clean carried out in the Polo Bar last night. The carpet looks very good with all the grease removed from around the bar grill area, we are very happy with the result and we will definitely be getting some other carpets cleaned by your company very soon.” Biljana Ninkovic, Westbury Hotel

“Thanks Ray for the work yesterday the carpets are pretty old but look so much better once they were cleaned” Katie White, Fitz-Gibbon Residential Lettings

“Thanks for doing a great job on the office carpets, they look great” Frances Cahill, Richmond Regus

“They do what they say they are going to do. I think the advantage of RPC is that they are very courteous and polite when they are dealing with any queries and they are very practical and helpful.” Nichols Investigations

Thank you so much for the carpet cleaning. Carpet looks amazing ” Lina Zazeckyte/ Housekeeper, Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel

“I would certainly recommend them. They are very polite and reputable; I don’t have any worries at all.” Gee Lawson

Thank you so much for the cleaning work you completed for us the other day, the entrance foyer floors, carpets and auditorium seats all look so much cleaner and brighter and it has made our venue look so much better. Your team worked very hard to get the work done around our schedule. I look forward to using your services again.” Lucy Douglas, Front of House Manager, Hampstead Theatre

“Just a quick note Ray to say how pleased we are with the deep cleaning work you are carrying out in our guest rooms on our carpets, upholstery and curtains. The rooms look so good once you have finished and we will definitely continue with our deep cleaning programme, many thanks.” Giammario Ragnoli, Hotel Director, Stoke Park

” I really appreciate the work you did for us at such short notice both the carpets and the curtains look great. I will absolutely keep you in mind for future cleaning and happily recommend you to others.” Charlie Smith, Talkback THAMES Production Company

“Thanks so much for the carpet cleaning; it came up so much better” Simon Lukas Estate Agents

So if you are looking for a great service, at value for money prices, provided by highly experienced, trained and knowledgeable people, then look no further than RPC Cleaning; a family owned and operated London based Cleaning Company.

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